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Hypnosis For A Healthy Body And Mind

How to Heal Your Mind & Body with Hypnosis?

Did you know that science has proven that our thoughts change our reality? Our bodies produce chemicals and biological compounds in response to the signals that are received by the brain about environments real or imagined. This is how we can cultivate our reality by focussing our thoughts. This is especially true for our bodies.

People often have unhealthy bodies because they have unhealthy eating habits and destructive behavior that the mind isn’t properly managing. By addressing addiction to high calorie foods and using eating as a coping mechanism using Hypnotherapy, clients see immediate and lasting change to their health and wellness, noticing an eagerness to incorporate more exercise in their daily routine and craving healthier foods. These changes result in better weight management and improved energy levels.

At Raya Hypnotherapy, we will help you to adopt a new mindset that promotes a healthy body and increased mindfulness. During our sessions, you will get in touch with your physical potential, become aligned with it and gain motivation and the mental tools needed to achieve it.

If you are interested in taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle, Hypnotherapy is a fundamental step on a successful path. At Raya Hypnotherapy, our team of experts are ready to work with you to make transformative change.

Raya Hypnotherapy helps people to learn self-hypnosis to make beneficial changes to their psychology and maintain a healthy body and mind through healthy thoughts, habits and behaviour.

How Does Hypnotic Healing Help To Achieve A Healthy Body?

Hypnotherapy is a key technique for achieving focus on and alignment with your health related goals.

Here are some of the ways that Hypnotherapy can help you enjoy a healthier body and lifestyle:

1. Hypnosis For Self-Control

In one 2018 study, participants in two groups received individualized meal and exercise plans. One of the groups also received training in using self-hypnosis techniques to boost their self-control before eating. In the end, the group who learned self-hypnosis techniques had less calorie intake and lost more weight. They also stated that their quality of life improved because of self-hypnosis.

Guided Hypnotherapy for a healthy body, conducted by trained and certified therapists, is an excellent place to learn techniques that work.

In another 2020 study, researchers tracked the effect Hypnotherapy had on 32 people in a clinically supervised weight loss experiment. After ten weeks of guided therapy, participants had a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) and reduced levels of leptin, a hormone associated with obesity, in their blood. In addition, levels of adiponectin, a hormone your body needs to protect you against obesity and type II diabetes, had increased.

2. Hypnotherapy For Solving Subconscious Emotional Conflicts

Many times overeating is driven by emotional conflicts. When you have experienced trauma, abuse, loss of a loved one, or some event of the past, it can affect your current mental state. Many times, our mind resorts to habitually overeating as a coping mechanism for dealing with stress.Hypnotherapy can target these underlying unsolved emotional conflicts which are preventing you from making healthier choices. Hypnotherapy can also help you to establish a different perspective around a healthy lifestyle and replace coping mechanisms with healthier habits.

3. Hypnotherapy For Reducing Food Cravingss

Hypnotherapy for a healthy body and mind can help reduce the number of times you feel like eating unhealthy junk food. Therapists use guided imagery and shared hypnotherapy sessions to prevent you from eating food that slows down your weight loss progress. Studies have shown that guided imagery can help reduce your problematic food cravings. Once trained, you can use guided imagery to help yourself. Our hypnotherapists use different techniques to get you to a relaxed state of mind. Once you are in that trance state of mind, the therapist may suggest healthy thought patterns or beliefs to replace the ones that aren't working for you. Once you've learned the process, you can use these meditative techniques as you need them.

What To Expect From Our Hypnosis Session For A Healthy Body?

Our experienced hypnotherapist will discuss your issues and explain the hypnosis procedure for achieving a healthy body. Through relaxing techniques, we deepen your trance state and engage in a conversation to solve blockages and reprogram behaviors. Our goal is to help you achieve your desired outcome as quickly as possible, typically within 1-3 sessions.

During the sessions, we discuss your goals and guide you towards a solution for the problem by identifying the root cause. Although hypnotherapy alone cannot deliver dramatic results, when combined with diet and exercise, it can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

At Raya Hypnotherapy Centre, we focus on aligning your mind's expectations with healthy outcomes to activate your body's healing capabilities. We eliminate mental blocks and energy blocks that may be hindering your progress and help you grow, excel and thrive.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact us at (778)710-1183 or send your query to rayahypnotherapy@gmail.com. Manifest and heal your body, and see yourself in a new way that will change how you experience the world.

Hypnotherapy For A Healthy Body And Mind

FAQs On Hypnotic Healing

Three things require for hypnosis are:
  • A strong desire for change
  • Permission to enter a hypnotic state (permitting yourself)
  • The ability to adhere to simple instructions

A deep sense of peaceful relaxation, lightened mood, improved sleep, and rapid positive change are all beneficial effects!

NO! Your session entirely focuses on YOU. Therefore, you are always aware and will remember everything you choose during your appointment.
FAQs On Hypnosis For Healthy Body

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